6 Winter Preparation Life Pro Tips

6 Winter Preparation Life Pro Tips

Winter is coming…

If you haven’t noticed, the nights are starting to get a little longer and the days are starting to get shorter!

No one likes to see Summer disappear in the rear view mirror of life, but don’t despair, there’ll always be another one. For the time being, before Winter sets itself in, now’s a good time to prepare a a few things to make the transition a smooth one.

The colder months of the year can throw all kinds of little hazards and problems your way: cold weather, increased risk of illness and even depression – so why not make it easy for yourself this year and plan ahead?

Fire Up Your Heating Early

It’s┬áprobably been a while since you’ve had to use your central heating. Although it might be tempting to put off switching it on until you really need it, wait too long and you risk the pipes freezing up! Make sure everything’s in working order ahead of schedule to avoid any nasty surprises – no one wants to wake up in the morning to discover that the heating’s packed in…

Switch Up Your Duvets

If you’re a savvy individual then you won’t be heating your house whilst your asleep, who needs to be toasty whilst they’re unconscious? Set your heating to a timer and switch out your lightweight duvet for a heavier tog, that way you can save on your heating bill and still stay comfortable throughout the evening. Now’s a great time change up your sleeping arrangements and also give them a wash whilst you’re at it!

Up Your Vitamin Intake

Here’s the hard truth. During the upcoming Autumn and Winter months you’re┬ánot going to get the right amount of Vit C in your body. Less sunlight means less Vitamin D, which is one of the key minerals required for you to stay happy, it’s also crucial in processing Vitamin C – if you don’t get out in the sun, you’ll struggle staying healthy. Make sure to top yourself up with a Multi-Vitamin supplement, just to keep on top things.

Buy In Emergency Rations

This might sound like the ravings of a paranoid survivalist, but the truth is that it always pays to be prepared. With adverse weather conditions getting harder and harder to predict, you can’t always guarantee that you’ll be able to make it out to the shop. Keep your larder stocked with some basic rations: tinned foods, dried goods, packet mixes – just in case you’re stuck in the house for a few days. It always pays to be prepared.

Dust Off Your Winter Jacket and Buy A New Hat

The weather might well stay balmy for another month yet, but that doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t dust off your winter jacket to see if it’s in good condition. 6-8 months in your wardrobe might not have done it the world of good, it’s always a decent idea to check that it’s not been mothballed before you head out into the cold weather with it. This is also a great time of year to invest in a new hat. Go practical with an insulated job or indulge in something a little more up-class, like one of these fashionable pom pom hats made with fur.

Winter-Proof Your Vehicle

It doesn’t matter if you ride a bike or drive a car, your vehicle should be rigorously tested before the Winter months kick in, to make sure that it’s going to keep you safe when the roads eventually ice over. For bike users, you’ll need to test both your front and back brakes, if in doubt, it’s always best to replace them. More rain and a risk of ice makes this a dangerous time for cyclists – don’t forget to buy new batteries for your lights too. Drivers should likewise ensure that their oil, water and coolant levels are topped off – don’t forget to pack your car with an ice-scraper and anti-freeze too!