Celebrate Christmas Differently This Year

Are you getting stuck in a Festive rut?

We celebrate so many Christmases in our lifetimes that it can be really easy to slip into a rut.

How many Christmases have you lived through?

How many have you been a witness to? How many turkey dinners have you eaten? How many Christmas puds have you seen ablaze, a stack of burnt matches left to one side after your Dad’s spent half an hour trying to get the damn thing lit?

The question, I suppose, isn’t really ‘How many have you seen?’, it’s more ‘How many more will you see?’

No one plans on living forever, right? So, in theory, we only have a finite number of Christmases allotted to us when we are born onto this Earth – surely that means that we should make the very most each and every one whilst we have the chance?

With these haunting, nagging thoughts in mind, we’re going to be looking at a few ways that you can revitalise your Christmas this year and truly get yourself out of your Festive rut:

Decorate your home in a new way

Everyone’s guilty of getting a little lazy with our Christmas decorations. Each year, we end up dragging the same dusty box down from the attic and pulling out the same tired, old decorations. They each have their place on the tree and around the home, turning your house into an eerie Festive Groundhog Day where you feel like you’re constantly stepping back in time. Break the cycle by buying some new lights and decorations (don’t forget to buy the right AC-DC power suppliers!). Challenge yourself to do something different this year and make things feel new!

Go somewhere different to celebrate

Home might be wear the heart is, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your Christmases in the same place. If you’re finding your Christmases are getting a little stale, then why not celebrate somewhere new? You don’t need to travel thousands of miles away to change things up, you can even stay in your own home town. Book an Airbnb to keep things cheap and book a table at a restaurant to take the stress of Christmas cooking off your mind.

Get in the spirit with volunteering

Many people choose to do a little bit extra during the Festive period, whether that’s donating something to a food bank or throwing some extra change to a homeless person – but have you considered doing something a little bit extra? There are many volunteering programs that charities run throughout the Festive season, so this is a great opportunity for you to donate more than just some money to an important cause. By pushing your boundaries and helping out a cause you believe in, you can truly recapture your Christmas spirit.

Join a choir or carol singing group

There’s nothing like singing to lift your spirits and get you in the festive mood. You don’t have to be a stellar singer to join an amateur choir or carol group, many of these organisations rely on a constant turnover of new members in order to get their numbers up to performing strength, so they’re always happy to accept new singers. Don’t worry if you’ve never performed in public before, the confidence you’ll gain from singing with you new friends will be able to pull you through and make your Christmas truly one to remember.