Exercise Will Make You Happier – Which Type Is For You?

Exercise Will Make You Happier – Which Type Is For You?

Taking part in regular exercise will help you stay slim and happy.

For many people, the notion of regular exercising is a dim and distant one, shrouded in mystery and wonder.

Exercise Culture & Gym Bunnies

The culture of exercise can almost seem like an exclusive one from the outside. A brief peek into any modern gym will reveal the huge cross section of society that exercise in their own time. However, the eyes are never drawn to the overweight or the old, but to the young and in shape.


This can often be an off putting factor for those looking to start working out in a new environment. Physically exerting oneself in the vicinity of physically attractive individuals (such as ‘gym bunnies’ or ‘sted heads’) can be a major sticking point for those who are out of shape and looking to find a place to exercise. There are alternatives though…

Going To The Gym Early/Late

Signing up to a gym can cost you as little as £15 per month for some budget places. PureGym, and other low-cost establishments, offer free classes which can help uncomfortable attendees shed their insecurities. If you still feel uneasy about exercising in the gym around other people, then you can always choose to go at less busy times.


Most modern gyms are now open 24 hours a day, so you can choose as and when you go. Go to a gym between 6am and 5pm and you will find that there will only be a handful of people there, leaving you with plenty of space to manoeuvre, away from prying eyes.


You don’t have to become a marathon runner to pick up jogging as a hobby. Many people find it preferable to going to the gym as you can choose when are where you go – plus you get to spend some time outside, breathing in the fresh air!

Set up costs for running can be relatively cheap, however it’s recommended that you invest in a decent pair of trainers so that you avoid any injuries. Skimping out on footwear could lead to impact injuries to knees, ankle problems and even early onset arthritis. Once you have some good running shoes, the whole world effectively becomes your gym – there are also plenty of great apps for you to track your runs and progress.

Amateur Team Sports

Sometime it can be difficult to get yourself out of bed in the morning, let alone motivate yourself to go the gym or step outside for a run. If all this sounds very familiar to you, then perhaps you should consider joining a local sports club. You don’t need to be the new David Beckham or Alistair Cook to join a local side – amateur sports teams thrive off new members and are, usually, welcome to strangers trying out a training session or two.


Depending on what sport you choose, the start up costs can be cheap. Most clubs usually have their own supply of specialist equipment – however, they will charge you a small fee for membership if you choose to commit to them for the year.

There are many more access routes into exercise, but these are the easiest, if you’re looking to build your confidence and get active. Go out there and get amongst it!