Planning Your New Year’s Party Right

New Year’s Eve can be a divisive matter…

…are you thinking of planning a party this year?

It can be so easy to get jaded by New Year’s Eve. Following on so close from the Christmas festivities, it comes at a time of year when we’ve really all had quite enough of rich foods, drinking and (dare we say it) socialising.

Still – New Year’s Eve isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so you may as well grab it by the horns and organise your very own shindig, so that you can all but guarantee that you’ll have a good time. What’s the worst that could happen, right? 

The pressure of organising your own New Year’s party can often be truly overwhelming, as tempting as it might be to see it as ‘just another’ party, in reality you’re shouldering the responsibility of making sure that a whole group of people have a night to remember. In order for everything to go off without a hitch, you need to plans in place for every facet of your party, so that you can be in complete control of the situation, whilst also being able to relax and have a good time.

Here are a few hints and tips to steer you in the right direction: 

The Guest List

For some this might be a no-brainer, just write up a list of all your friends and family, then send out invites. Easy, right? Nope! Before you send invites out you need to consider the complex social web that you and your friends exist in. If you invite all your friends, remember that their attendance could be conditional on if they can bring their own friends – this could have a significant impact on your overall headcount and the venue that you hold your party in.

Your Party Venue

Once you have a (rough) idea of how many people that you’ll have in attendance, you need to think about where you’re going to hold it. Your home is a good option, as long as you have the space and don’t mind clearing up the mess. If that’s not an option, then you could consider hiring a venue. Although this might cost a considerable amount, you can at least rest easy with the knowledge that your cream sofa is not in danger of getting stained. There’s also the option of taking the party to a pub or restaurant – just remember to contact them in advance.

What to Drink

Should you choose the cheaper option of hosting a party in your own home, you’ll want to make sure that there’s plenty of drink to keep your party in a good mood. You can usually rely on guests to bring a bottle or two with them, so you shouldn’t have to worry about buying anymore wine. Of course, as the host, it’s vital that you have a good stock of sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne for the countdown to midnight – other than that, it’s always a good idea to grab a few crates of beer to keep the masses happy.

Eating for 30

New Year’s parties can be difficult to cater to. Unless you want to spend hours in the kitchen slaving away whilst everyone has a good time without you, a sit-down option is really not a good idea. Buffets can be prepared in advanced and offer your guests the chance to nibble away as the night winds on. If there’s one thing that you don’t want it’s a home full of drunk, hungry people – this is a recipe for disaster and guaranteed mess that only you will be responsible for cleaning up.

Divide Your Duties

Our final bit of advice for first-time New Years’s party organisers is to not take the responsibility for the whole night on your own. There’s only so much that one person is capable of and if you’ve not done much event organising before then you might find that the pressure of hosting could completely overshadow your enjoyment of the evening. Divide up the duties (Food, Drinks, Entertainment) to your most trusted friends so that you can host and enjoy yourself – remember, New Year’s Eve only comes once a year!