Primark or Designer Clothes for Children?

Primark or Designer Clothes for Children?

Kids Are Getting More Fashion Conscious – Should We Buy Them Designer Clothes?

Now that more and more of the nation’s children are connected to the internet, they’re becoming increasingly aware of the importance of fashion and looking ‘cool’. Should parents give in to their children and buy them the clothes they are desperate for? Or should they stay in their 80s dungarees and T-shirts?

A Matter Of Self-Consciousness

Children are developing a sense of self much earlier than they used to. An increased focus on the surface appeal of things, fostered by the growing use of Social Networks and Mobile Phones, has led to children caring more about how they appear at an earlier age. Most kids have got hold of a smart phone by the age of 11 – for many it’s a right of passage. Their first smart phone is given to them as a measure of trust from their parents.


The modern smart phone gives children instant access to the online world. Everything from games and videos to forums and blogs. Couple the endless possibilities of the internet with the inherent curiosity of kids and it is truly impossible to predict the outcome.

Social Networks & Image

Although it’s possible for your children to access all kinds of content at a very young age, the most likely eventuality is that they will gravitate towards the Apps and sites that their friends visit. The chief among these will be Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. These Social Media hubs now function as the online meeting place for friendship groups the world over and, although they have been proven to have helped worldwide communication, they inherently depict life in a blinkered way.


Users selectively pick parts of their lives to share online, often mimicking the behaviour of celebrities, using Feeds to raise their own profile. Sharing photos of holidays, meals out and social events makes the user appear active, fun and popular, even if it is only a very small slice of their every day life. Constantly crawling social media feeds can lead children to believe that their life is somehow inferior.

When kids see famous people online, wearing high-end fashion clothes, they associate the clothes with the popularity and yearn to emulate them.

Children’s Clothes Cost Money

Children are notoriously expensive to raise. Food, school uniforms, hobbies and activities all leach parents’ pockets dry. As children grow quickly, they can grow out of clothes within the space of year, does it make sense to spend large amounts of money on designer clothes for them?


Go to a budget clothes provider like Primark and you’ll be able to buy a complete set of clothes for your child, that will last them the year, for around £200. The downsides to this? The quality of the clothes will be poor, they may wear through quicker and your child will have little fashion identity.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are a myriad of outlets and shops that sell designer clothes for children. Prices can vary brand to brand, but the average cost of a 10 year old boy’s coat will be somewhere in the ball park of £150-200. The quality will be high, the child will feel buoyed with confidence, but you will have very little money for anything else.

The choice will always rest with the parents, at the end of the day. Kids will always want what they see their idols wear, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to give it to them.