The Seven Learning Styles: Which One Are You?

The Seven Learning Styles: Which One Are You?

There have been numerous studies assessing how people learn with many attempts made to categorise the various learning styles that can be applied to an individual.

The following categories are intended to be general suggestions as to where most people would fit in.

You may find that one these learning styles is applicable to your own particular learning strategy, equally you might find that your learning style fits into many of the styles mentioned below.

All of us have different strengths and weaknesses, requiring each of us to tailor our own learning experiences so that we can process and store information more efficiently. Below are seven learning styles and a brief example of how best to learn if you fall into one of these categories:

Visual Learner

These kinds of learners benefit greatly from looking at images and pictures. For example, they may find it easier to learn about Scientific equations through the use of diagrams of the individual molecules rather than examining blocks of text or equations. 

Aural Learners

Sound and music aids these learners more than anything else. Whether it’s a well constructed musical song or a lecture that makes particularly good use of audio cues, auditory learning could be the style of learning that  informs you best.

Verbal Learners

Words can be the key to our understanding extremely complicated topics. However, even the simplest of concepts can often be explained best through the simplest of topics.

Physical Learners

Often referred to as ‘kinesthetic’ learners, these people find that they can grasp concepts much easier if they have a way of touching or using their bodies in some way or another. 

Logical Learners

Through the use of numbers, symbols and systems, these learners find it easier to learn by applying symbols and signs to the lessons that they learn.

Social Learners

These kinds of learners thrive best when they are working with others. Group work and team based activities will bring the best out of these learners. 

Solitary Learners

Sometimes people learn best when there’s no one else around! People who would rather learn by themselves are known as solitary learners who need isolation in order to absorb information. 

Although you may find that you fit into many of these categories, sometimes its a god idea to simply remind yourself of the different ways that you can learn!